"Keep the Lights ON"


It is time that we square up with the town and settle our utility debt once and for all!


Many of you may have heard rumors that Lost River Market is closing, we are not. Here is the reality of the situation. The market has agreed with the town council to pay back all utility debt within 90 days. We are on a payment plan right now that will cover about 2/3rds of the debt. This will leave between 5 to $10,000 which we will need the help of our member-owners to cover. 


One strategy we will be using to raise funds is an in-store silent auction. The auction will begin on March 15th before the annual member meeting and run through May 10th. Every couple weeks auction items will be rotated out for new products and services to bid on. All proceeds from the auction will go towards covering the utility bill. Anyone interested in donating an item or service to the auction please contact the store at 812-723-3735. 


Here are other ways you can contribute to this campaign before May 10th:


  • Become a Sustaining Member

    • Sustaining members agree to an amount monthly, quarterly or annually that they are willing to add to their member-owner equity within the market. This amount goes towards covering operating expenses and in this case the utility bill. Sustaining members receive a 2, 3 , or 5 percent discount on every purchase at Lost River Market, depending on how much they pledge.

  • Make a Donation

    • Even small amounts can make a difference! If every member donated $10 our debt would be more than covered. You can donate at the store or on our website www.lostrivermarketanddeli.com

  • Make a donation to the Silent Auction

    • Lost River Market will have an ongoing silent auction at the store starting March 15th and going through May 1st. Items will be sold and rotated with new items every 2 weeks. If you have an item you would be willing to donate to the silent auction contact the store!

  • Make a purchase in the Silent Auction

    • Purchase a one of a kind item from the silent auction. All proceeds go towards our town debt!

  • A Member Loan

    • If you are a first time lender with Lost River Market there are a number of paths you can follow. Lost River Market will pay 0-5% interest on any member loans. If you are interested in a member loan and would like more information contact Debbie Turner at 812-723-3735.


If you are a Lost River Market member you can learn more about the campaign and the market's overall status at the Annual Member Meeting on March 15th. The meeting will begin at 2:00pm and will be preceeded by a hot lunch at the market. Any and all members are encouraged to come. A full market update will be presented and members will have the chance to vocalize any of their

questions or concerns!

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  Lost River Market and Deli

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