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Our Mission

Lost River's mission is to promote community well-being, economic prosperity, and self-reliance in Orange County


The Lost River Local Initiative is an opportunity to fulfill our mission by

  • Enhancing our communities local food system

  • Aggregating locally grown food

  • Distributing and Selling locally grown food

  • Educating our customers on using raw ingredients and making healthier food choices

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  • In-store produce sales

  • Nutrition Prescription Program (Food with Instructions)

  • Community Food Box 

      (Food with Instructions)

  • Lost River Market's Food Box Programs

  • Orange County Farm to Table Dinners

  • Restaurants

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Aggregating Local Food

Building relationships with local farmers

  1. Pre-season growers meeting hosted by local farmer Pat Hall

    • Discussed what our 2020 demand would be for the store

  2. Brought a variety of Amish and English growers on board through those meetings

  3. Weekly Produce Pick-up on Wednesdays

  4. Solidified a good working relationship with our growers

    • We do most of our purchasing from five local growers, and supplement with up to fifteen others. This ensures that the farmers we buy from feel the impact of our purchasing.

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