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A Celebration of Local Products

Lost River Market's CSA program is in partnership with Hall's Family Farm, select Orange County Amish farmers, Tomato Products Company plus a variety of local food producers and entrepreneurs.


Local Abundance Lost River Market's CSA program is in its fifth year of operation. We aggregate and distribute the bounty that is produced by our local vendors and farmers, putting them together to create a unique and reliably abundant, weekly CSA box.  This partnership contracts with local producers for products to be picked and delivered throughout the season.  Producers can plan their harvests and count on their sales before their plants are in the ground.

Weekly Box Boxes

Box will contain salad greens, vegetables,  root vegetables and local fruit when available.  Specialty boxes will contain local meat, syrup or honey, or canned and preserved products. Your local CSA  box will contain tips and recipes on how to use your local bounty.

Delivery Points

Delivery will be available at a variety of spots the area  dependent upon CSA participants. Last year we delivered to Mitchell, Bedford, Salem and French Lick.  Otherwise boxes are available for pick up at Lost River Market every Thursday afternoon.


CSA boxes will be gathered and distributed June 2 thru October  5 For more information contact Lost River Market at 812-723-3735 or visit

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