The Artisan Chef's Box was designed to celebrate true craftsmanship in locally made foods. This box is for true foodies who appreciate a one of a kind food experience.  Each box will consist of a house made soup from Lost River Market's deli, fresh, artisan bread made by local baker Andy Gerber, and preserves made by Anna Hudelson. Every week will be a new box and a new experience. We hope you decide to go on this food journey with us and explore the wonderful flavors of carefully crafted foods!


The Artisan Chef's Box is a ten week food box program from January 15th - March 19th.  There are two box size options to choose from, a 2 person box or a 2 person box + .  The 2 person box will include one 32oz soup, 2 servings of bread, and a 16oz preserve. The (2 person + Soup) will include two 32oz soups, 2 servings of bread, and a 16oz preserve.   You also have the choice to receive a box every week or every other week. If you have any questions about the Artisan Chef's Box contact Lost River Market at 812-723-3735.

Artisan Chef's Box