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New Updates as of January 7, 2024
Building Fund Your dollars count!

Lost River Market Member-Owners and Community Supporters,


The Lost River Market building is closed now for remodeling and restructuring the store.

In very general terms the goals for the temporary closing are to:

  • Create more productive space for our new local food partner, Orange County Food Trust, a non-profit, 501c3 food hub. It is taking over many of the local food aggregation/distribution projects that were developed by Lost River Market, such as, seasonal CSA boxes, Food as Medicine mealkit programs, outreach farmstands and new programming. 

  • Create a more Cafe-like experience with the Deli assets. Develop more productive space with some equipment enhancements.  To consumers, that will mean more hot meals, more events, more catering and a nicer place to sit and visit. 

  • Restructure the retail arm of the Co-op.  Reconfigure space, replace old coolers and freezers with smaller, more efficient models. Basically move things around and make the retail space smaller.  You will still find the local food departments such as meats and produce,  the refrigerated section, bulk offering but fewer packaged goods on the shelves.  You can still get your favorite items by special ordering, which will become more streamlined and consistent. 

  • Reinvigorate the “arts and crafts” offering in the store.  The art gallery space up front will be revisited as well as creation of  “arts” pods throughout the retail space featuring local artisans. 


The temporary closure highlights the important role this facility has played in our community, not just as a source for healthy food choices but as a gathering place, event venue and community center for those who value a sense of belonging to an enterprise organized for community well-being.

YOU CAN HELP by participating in a new $5 for $1 donor match.

There are several funding sources to pay for the things we hope to do.  Some equipment and building repairs will be done with insurance money from tornado damage in August. Some will be done with the Positive Change contributions donated by Bloomingfoods.  


But more funds are needed; you can help by donating any amount to a new $5 for $1 match set up by a group of donors.  The dollars from this campaign can flow to the new 501c3, non-profit Orange County Food Trust, allowing it to purchase the Lost River Market building and act as the landlord for the Coop/Cafe and restructured store space. Your donation can be tax deductible as a gift to the 501c3. Alternatively, you can donate directly to Lost River Market.  


This fiscal restructuring allows Lost River Market to retire its entire mortgage, pay off old balances, and essentially re-open with no outstanding debt.  Orange County Food Trust will have the building with no debt since the transaction will be funded by donated dollars.  


Donate any amount and know that your $1 donation earns $6 towards the retirement of the debts on the building.  Your donation helps restructure the retail store, reallocate space to the areas that are the healthiest and have the most potential for community support.  


You can donate a larger amount and host a fun-filled evening at the new Co-op/Cafe space.

A $1,000 donation or more lets you select the next local musical event to be held in the Co-op performance space.  Or, if you would rather, select the menu and chef for the next dinner held at the Cafe when re-opened.  You can invite 30 of your closest friends!  

You can donate right here on our website or mail to Lost River Market, P.O.Box 505, Paoli, IN 47454. Deadline for contributions is March 30.  Staff and board members are available to discuss options with you.  For immediate questions and discussions contact Debbie Turner at  

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