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Supporting Farms 
& Making Friends

Orange County Food Trust is a new non-profit 501(c)3 which will be conducting this year’s local produce CSA or Community Supported Agriculture. The local aggregated CSA program is five years old so you may have participated in the past through Lost River Market. We gather seasonal items from local Amish farmers, along with several non-Amish or “English” farmers and we distribute them to you, our friends. The dates for the 2024 CSA packages will be from May 30 through October 10.

Our Amish farmers, from right here in Orange County, went through special training to provide you with a healthy growing process. We have an amazing relationship with these Amish families developed over the years. You will get the freshest seasonal produce straight from the farms. It will then be packaged and brought to specific locations where you can pick up each week or every other week, if you prefer. This creates a constant source of support for the farmers and their families upon which they can depend. We aggregate and distribute these products each week to share the abundance of Orange County produce. Each box has a variety of produce items that will vary each week. The items will usually include both fruits and vegetables.

  • Each week there will be a recipe in your box that will correlate with at least one or more of the items that you receive that week.

  • There will be options you can add to your box that will give you more local foods to enjoy.

    • Items that you can add to your produce box

      • A dozen local eggs from Hall Family Farm-$80 for the season

      • Assortment of local meats: Beef, Pork, and Chicken products-$50 once a month

      • Specialty Items: different type of locally made products such as Honey, Syrup, Lost River Market products and local products from Anna Hudelson-$150 for the season

  • We have multiple pick up options for your convenience

    • Mitchell

    • French Lick

    • Crawford County

    • Salem

    • Paoli at Lost RIver Market

  • Flexible Payment Options

    • Here on Wix

    • Cash

    • Credit/ Debit

    • SNAP Card

    • Check

To receive 1 box of produce every week for a total of 20 weeks is $395. SNAP friends would be billed monthly to your card.

To receive 1 box every other week for a total of 10 boxes the cost $215. SNAP friends would be billed monthly to your card.

This is a wonderful chance to eat local foods, support local farms, and improve your health. Each week you will receive a newsletter letting you know what will be in your produce box that week and what the recipe will be so you may have all ingredients you will need.

For more information contact Amanda Young, M-F from 2pm-4pm at 812-653-8555, You can email at

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