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Building Fund

Your Dollars Count!

Several of the Lost River Market equipment and building repairs are covered by insurance, but more funds are needed for bigger changes.

Your donations will go FIVE TIMES as far!

Your dollars go towards retiring building debts, restructuring retail store and cafe, and reallocating space to the healthiest areas with the most potential for community support.

You can participate in the $5 for $1 match to make all the changes come true!

  • Put in $1 and donors will match with another $5 towards the building fund.

  • Donate $500 towards the match and bring a total of $3,000 to the table for change.

  • Donate $1,000 towards the $5 for $1 match and bring $6,000 to the table.

    • A $1,000 donation or more gives you liberty to select the next local musical event held at the performance stage in the Co-op.

    • Or, your $1,000 donation enables you to select the menu and the area chef for the next dinner held at the Cafe when reopened. Invite 30 of your closest friends. Just imagine if you were Bob Turner, your donation allows you to host the Bob Turner Meatloaf Meal as an event!

Donate Now
Every donation counts towards a brighter future!

Thank you for helping make a difference!

Our goal of $40,000 in donations brings in $240,000 total!

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