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our meat is a cut above


The meat department at Lost River is quite a success story. When we opened it was projected that meat sales would be 5% of our overall sales. Due to your support meat sales generally constitute 12%, even 15% of total sales at times. Because of that success we have tried to expand our meat selections and inventory so that you can find what you need when you need it. Here's what you can count on.

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     Lost River carries Miller Amish Chicken from Northern Indiana, as a natural, free-range option. You can find this week's supply in the fresh meat case, plus fresh-frozen inventory in the freezer immediately behind the fresh case. The fresh-frozen chicken is placed in the freezer upon its arrival so that we can maintain almost a double inventory of all selections.

Be sure to check both areas.



     Fischer Farms, Jasper: Fresh pork is brought to us weekly from Fischer Farms in Jasper. The pigs are raised on a neighbors land and they us antibiotics only when absolutely necessary.

      Heritage Pork from Hall Farms, Orleans: Once you have a Hall's Family Farm heritage hog, you will never go back to conventional pork. All of Pat's hogs are raised GMO free and antibiotic free. You can typically find bacon, pork chops, ham slices, salt & pepper sausage, and pork roasts in our freezer section. 

     Paoli High School Ag Pork, Paoli: This selection of pork is raised by students at Paoli High School just a few miles from Lost River Market and Deli! All proceeds from Paoli pork sales benefit the Paoli High School Agriculture Program.



Fischer Farms, Jasper: Fresh beef is brought to us weekly from Fischer Farms in Jasper. Fischer Farms pledges antibiotic free and hormone free beef with a focus on having top genetics that produce the highest quality meat. You will not be disappointed with their beef! 


Denny's Grass-Fed Beef, Palmyra: You just can't beat 100% grass-fed beef! This wholesome business is family-owned and operated, locally grown, and hormone & antibiotic free. Grass fed requires a slightly different cooking style, searing and cooking slowly. We have basic instructions at Lost River, plus a 100% grass fed cookbook on file for your convenience.You can find a wide selection of Denny's beef cuts in our freezer section.

Orange County Ground Beef, Orange County: Local, conventional beef produced by Orange County Cattlemen's Association members. You'll find it in the freezer section mostly as ground beef, rib-eye steak, sirloin steak, arm steak, & liver. 


Come in and try some of these incredible meat selections. Often we will offer sales on particular cuts and will always work with you to customize a bulk purchase of meat.

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